Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Punk is not Pop

Pop-punk is non-existent genre of music. Why? Because it contradicts itself. Pop, is short for popular, as in popular music, mainstream. Punk is more than just a three-chord structure , its a mindset, an ideology.
The obvious rebuttal is that when a punk band becomes popular, they are pop-punk. This is absurd because in order to get popular they had to sell out, which goes completely against the punk attitude. Compromising on your message because the record company doesnt want any lawsuits is not what we punks stand for. There are some exceptions, anti-flag for example, they pretty much sold out around the time For Blood and Empire came out, but at least their lyrics still convey what they believe, and Justin Sane doesnt  have that whiny bitch voice that alot of these "pop punk" bands vocalists seem to have these days.
Im currently working on getting a music player on here, but on i could only find about half of the songs i was looking for and thats the best thing ive come across so far.
Feel free to reply, i can argue all day, well at least until its time to go to work again...

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