Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Whiny Bitch Factor

 Just a few months ago I was in my truck on the way to the beach, and my ipod was on shuffle. At the time I didnt even know who the Gorilla Biscuits were, and so when "Start Today" came on I was like, this sucks, he sounds like a whiny little bitch, and i figured it had to be one of these new "punk" bands, and sure enough when i looked at my ipod, it was none other than fall out boy. In the title name it said (Gorilla Biscuits Cover), so then i listened to the original and instantly decided this is one of the many things that separates real punk bands, from a group of sellouts, where its all about the $$$. Anthony Civarelli, Gorilla Biscuits vocalist, has a raspy raw true sound to his voice, but fall out boy's singer sounds like a 13 yr old girl. I call this The Whiny Bitch Factor. But dont take my word for it, check it out for yourself--->

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